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Always sustainably sourced, local, organic ingredients

We proudly utilize only high quality, fresh, locally ethically sourced, organic, GMO-free, and sustainable ingredients from small family-owned, fair wage Northern California farms and purveyors. We support small family owned businesses! 

Hire a chef for a dinner party, birthday, anniversary, brunch, luncheon, cocktail party, or any special celebration. Enjoy VIP concierge-level luxury of complete editorial control of your menu, catering to every detail, all the way down to the ingredient level!

Your menu and style of service are always exclusively custom-tailored to your exact preferences, making your personal chef catered dinner party at home or special event, unique and memorable.

Farm to Table

Through sourcing ingredients from sustainable growing practices and our steadfast support for local farmers, our menus serve as a conduit between diners and the land, fostering a heightened appreciation for the origins of our food and promoting a deeper connection to its source.

Casual to Elegant

Dine at your own pace. You choose your style of service, dine in casual comfort to white glove fine dining, or anything in between!

Enjoy our innovate, delicious chef prepared meals at your home today!

Relax & Enjoy!

Hire a Private Chef! Experience what over 40,000 guests have enjoyed, being a guest at their own table! Dietary restrictions or allergy concerns are never a problem. 

Discover our signature "Easy, Effortless, Entertaining™" service today!
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Complete Stress-Free Experiences at Your Own Dining Table

Indulge in the ultimate dining experience without leaving the comfort of your home by reserving a spot at the trendiest new restaurant in town—your own dining table. Uncover the benefits of why you should hire a personal chef today!

Discover the Top 7 Reasons why people are giving up their favorite restaurants, staying home, and hiring a private chef instead!

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Culinary Excellence, One Event At A Time!

We'll handle all of the details for you:

Concept Menu Design

Event Rental Services

Premium Linen Rentals

Décor Design & Rentals

Floral Design Services

Ingredient Shopping

Specialty Ingredients 

Meal Preparation

Cooking the Meal

Food & Beverage Service

Even The Clean Up!

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