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Avoid the hassle and stress of dining out while you're on vacation. Take along our chefs for vacation travel with you!

You're on vacation, which means it's time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the pure luxury of having to never worry about preparing meals, ingredient shopping, or having to clean up or do the dishes!  Our Private Vacation Chef Service team handles all of the meal and menu planning, provisioning, ingredient, and even beverage shopping for you. That way when you step into your luxury vacation home, villa, AirBNB, or VRBO rental with a chef, your private dining experience will immediately begin relaxed and stress-free so you can focus on your vacation and creating memories with your friends & family! ​

Vacation Chef prepared food poolside while relaxing
Vacation chef prepared meals for your vacation home, villa, or AirBNB

Our clients love vacationing to destinations worldwide with our private vacation chefs to prepare their meals for them. Our multi award winning chefs will work closely with you prior to your departure and will obtain all of your dietary preferences, culinary food styles, and more to create perfectly fully custom-tailored menus exclusively for you and your guests.

How does hiring a private vacation chef work?

Your ultimate stress-free vacation begins well before you leave. Your dedicated client concierge will email you our pre-arrival preference sheet questionnaire to complete. This very important document contains targeted questions surrounding your food and beverage preferences. Your service team will utilize the data provided by you to customize your entire booking, menus, and total overall experience.

Your personal vacation chef will arrive at your destination 2-3 days prior to you to shop for ingredients, and pre-provision the vacation home with all of the necessary snacks, beverages, ingredients, and other items to meet all of your needs and requests for your vacation. Your private chef will also handle incidental restocking and additional ad-hoc provisioning orders as requested during the entire duration of your trip.

What does hiring a private chef for my vacation cost?

A flat daily per-diem labor rate for your vacation chef will be charged based on the number of guests, the location in which you desire service, and the duration of the contract. Costs for additional items such as ingredients, groceries, beverages, travel, and lodging will be charged at actual cost with no additional surcharge or markup.

Hiring a private chef for your vacation can often save you money over the cost of eating out!

Why incur the high expense of eating out every day or the daunting task of having to cart your family around to different restaurants, just so you have some sort of menu variety?

Our chefs are trained in global cuisine, allowing you to enjoy different themes, regions or countries of origin, and flavors from around the world in every dish we prepare! Let your tastebuds travel the world, while you relax and enjoy your private dining experiences at each meal.

What styles of food can I choose?

Yes! Your personal vacation chef can easily prepare anything from casual poolside snacks and nibbles to elegant fine-dining restaurant quality menus for you & your guests or anything in between. Just share with us your favorite dishes or style of cuisine.

Can I request specific ingredients, menu items, or beverages?

Absolutely! Simply indicate those requests on your preference sheet questionnaire prior to your engagement. Provide us with as much detail as to what you wish to enjoy, and let our chefs handle the rest.

If I have a favorite item or ingredient, do I need to bring it?

All ingredient sourcing and provisioning will be handled by our team, freeing you up to fully enjoy your vacation without worrying about details or logistics related to your meal planning.

What about special dietary needs or food allergies?

Special diets and allergy avoidance menu planning can absolutely easily be accommodated. Virtually no matter what the dietary restriction, your vacation chef can design exciting and delicious menus for you & your guests that are custom tailored to you & your dietary needs.

Can you create separate menus for our kids?

Absolutely! Our chefs recognize that children have different tastes and likes. Our kid-friendly menu options can include virtually any type of cuisine or ingredient that makes your kids happy! Your chef will discuss your child's specific likes and dislikes with you during a consultation call to make sure that all details are stress-free and handled for you.

Can you help plan our vacation for us as well?

We certainly can! Our global network of travel advisor concierges can work with you hand in hand to create the perfect vacation experience starting from the moment you walk out your door. Our private luxury travel advisors can coordinate executive transportation to and from the airport, private jet or commercial air travel, private concierge meet & greet, excursions & activities, as well as luxury vacation homes, villas, or chalet accommodations for you & your guests all around the world. Simply let your dedicated AWG Private Chefs concierge know your destination and your desire for full travel services.

For the tastiest and most relaxing vacation you've ever had, why not take AWG Private Chefs along to do all of your vacation cooking, meal preparation, and cleanup for you? ​

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