Our Management Team:

Ever since we opened our doors in 2001, AWG Private Chefs has been hyper focused on being the premier culinary service provider specializing in creating exceptional quality private dining experiences for clients in the comfort of their own homes and offices. Our team of highly skilled chefs, concierges, events planning professionals, and hospitality service professionals work tirelessly together to curate events that cater to the unique preferences, culinary styles, themes, and specialized dietary needs of each client. 

At the heart of our success is our executive management team, a group of passionate and driven individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction have been essential in establishing AWG Private Chefs as a globally trusted name in the private events industry. With their leadership, we continue to push the boundaries of culinary innovation and set the standard for luxury private dining experiences.
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Chef Sean Andrade

Chef Sean Andrade, CMC, CS, WE, CSWS

Chef Sean Andrade is our Chief Executive Officer, and has over 25+ years of experience in serving Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, foreign & domestic dignitaries, and sports figures at their various residences, offices, vacation estates, private jets, and luxury motor yachts worldwide. Chef Sean is a globally recognized private chef who enjoys cooking in different venues and restaurants globally, and his menus reflect his global inspired styles of cuisines utilizing custom-tailored flavor profiles, and unique domestic and international food preparations to keep the dishes fun, fresh, and always delicious.

Chef Sean is also a Certified Sommelier, wine educator, wine competition judge, Certified Sherry Wine Specialist, avid wine collector and cellarmaster. He enjoys teaching hands-on and virtual cooking classes, food and wine pairing experiences, as well as travel abroad with a chef multi-day culinary immersion experiences around the globe.

Chef Sean also provides Consulting Executive Chef services, assisting owners and fellow food service operators of troubled or failing restaurants to recover, rebrand, and become successful and profitable in their food and beverage service operations.

Chef Michael Ryan, CPFM, CMC

Certified Master Chef Michael Ryan is our Executive Patissier. Chef Mike holds both savory and pastry degrees, and a Certified Professional Food Management credential.  He entered the private chef industry directly after graduating with honors from Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco.

Chef Mike is the creative mind behind culinary stylings of our patisserie (desserts) and vinoisery (breads), as well as collaborates on the curation our savory menus. Chef loves global culinary travel, and spends his off time learning about new cuisines, and has traveled to more than 20 countries. 
Chef Michael Ryan
Rayna Hess Senior Event Designer

Rayna Hess, Senior Event Designer

Rayna Hess is our Senior Event Designer. Rayna has a degree in Design & Visualization, and has 20+ years of private & corporate design and event planning experience. 

Rayna is constantly creating new and fresh design ideas and concepts for that not only feature and embrace our clients total vision, but also a unique styling that is showstopping, memorable, and eye-catching.

In addition to being an amazing mom to her two sons, she is also a spectacular partner to her husband who is a firefighter. 

Chef Jennies Byrd

Chef Jennies Byrd (aka Madame Chops-A-Lot) heads up our private & corporate event departments, as well is our production kitchen manager.  

Jennies' expertise spans more than 30 years in both restaurant and private dining experiences. Her highly diverse in depth knowledge of global cuisine is unparalleled.  She is fluent in many languages, and loves to work with our international and domestic clientele creating phenomenal menus and providing memorable levels of superior service. 
Chef Jennies Byrd
Christina Guidinger

Christina Guidinger

Christina is our jill of all trades. She continues to dazzle us with her amazing focus on total event excellence and overall guest experience. 

Christina excels in all aspects of event detail from planning & coordination, to decor, floral design, and event styling.  In addition, she loves to work alongside of our chefs assisting them in the kitchen, tableside, or even creating delicious handcrafted cocktails for our clients.

In her spare time, you can find Christina spending quality time with her children, her partner, or out foraging for delicious wild mushrooms. 
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