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Experience the sizzling excitement of a traditional hibachi style restaurant, right in the comfort of your Northern California backyard! Our teppanyaki chefs bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your home with our premium hibachi catering service. Watch as our skilled hibachi chefs prepare your meal live right in front of you on the teppanyaki grill.  Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving an unforgettable dining experience, our hibachi catering at home will elevate your event. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing aromas, vibrant colors, and mouthwatering tastes, as we craft an unforgettable Japanese culinary intimate chefs' table journey that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Book our hibachi catering service today and indulge in a unique and unforgettable feast that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Your exclusive intimate Japanese gastronomy private teppanyaki chef experiences are held in an up-close and personal outdoor dining setting, for parties from a minimum of 10 guests, to a maximum of 50. To ensure a seamless dining experience for larger parties of over 16 people, we offer staff served buffet-style service. This allows all your guests to eat together and enjoy their meal in a timely manner. 
Hibachi Chef Catering while cooking on a hibachi grill

San Francisco Bay Area Hibachi Catering At Home

Our premium Teppanyaki and Hibachi catering at home services are available to our Northern California clients located Alameda, Contra Costa, Eastern Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Northern Santa Clara, Solano, and Central/Southern Sonoma counties only.

SAN FRANCISCO CITY/COUNTY: Due to the extremely rigid fire codes and regulations imposed by the SFFD, we are unable to offer hibachi services anywhere within the boundaries of the City and County of San Francisco. Ask us about alternate cuisine styles for events you are planning within the city of San Francisco.

What types of hibachi menu options are available?

Select from up to three domestic or imported types of proteins:
  • Ultra-Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef
  • New York Strip Steak
  • Heritage Breed Pork
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Grassfed USDA Prime Filet Mignon
  • Jumbo Shrimp Prawns
  • Wild Line Caught Salmon
  • Premium Cold Water Lobster Tail
  • Sustainable Day Boat Scallops
  • Tofu Steaks
Enjoy the finest locally sourced organic vegetables, from small family owned farms, with your choice of fried or steamed rice. 
hibachi menu items featuring chicken, steak, shrimp, rice, and other proteins and vegetables
outdoor hibachi setup featuring multiple tables and a teppanyaki grill

Does the hibachi experience have to be held outdoors?

Yes. Due to the smoke, heat, and live-action fire that is created from the Teppanyaki grill, the entire cooking process must be performed exclusively outdoors. Our teppanyaki at home service is a seasonal service offering, available only from March to October each year for the best weather possibilitiesReserve your hibachi party event dates early for best availability.

What's included in my Teppanyaki Party Experience?

Teppanyaki chefs & professional waitstaff, custom menu curated exclusively for you by our Certified Master Chefs, mobile hibachi grill & fuel, premium china, serviceware, glassware, chopsticks, & linen napkin tabletop rentals. Table, chair, or patio heater rentals are also available from event rental partners in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Teppanyaki mean?

Teppanyaki (also known as Hibachi) is a style of cuisine cooked on a flat iron griddle. The word Teppan, the metal plate food is cooked on, and yaki which means to grill, broil, or pan fry.

How do you handle food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Prior to booking your event, our concierge team will send you an electronic preference sheet questionnaire to complete. Simply let us know of any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or physician-diagnosed conditions. We will happily modify your menu to accommodate your requests wherever possible.

Can I choose what items are on my hibachi menu?

Absolutely! We always give you full editorial control over your entire menu right down to the ingredient level. That way you will never pay for something you don't wish to enjoy!

Do you offer vegan or gluten free hibachi menus?

Yes! We do offer fully vegan and gluten free menus. When opting for vegan or gluten free menus, please note that we do not maintain separate cooking utensils or grills for these type of menu choices. If you opt for a vegan menu, all guests will enjoy the same vegan menu. 

What makes AWG Private Chefs hibachi experiences different than a Japanese hibachi restaurant?

Our Teppanyaki private dining experiences are an intimate premium VIP Chef's Table experience, where you and your guests can converse openly with the chef, ask questions, learn about where the ingredients come from, how they are prepared, and possibly participate in the actual cooking if so desired (at Chefs discretion).

Our Teppanyaki Chef's Table dining experiences are highly focused on the highest quality ingredients and flavors. Our clients appreciate that these experiences are not overly flashy, obtrusively loud "dinner shows" styles of entertainment with flying ingredients into hats or pockets, flashing strobe lights, or disruptive drumming on the hibachi grill.

Our hibachi chefs for a private party focus on quality ingredient preparation, precision cooking methods, warm and inviting conversation, and friendly fun!

What do I need for a hibachi at home experience?

Our Chef's table hibachi at home experience requires the teppanyaki grill to be placed on a level & flat sealed cement patio, dirt, or grass area of at least 10x10 feet to set up the cooking station. Additional space will be needed for the guest seating area.

Your private dining experience team will require access to your home kitchen for the preparation of your raw menu ingredients, as well as your refrigerator, sink, garbage, and cooktop. The rest of your menu will be cooked live in front of you on the hibachi grill.

What about inclement weather?

We strongly suggest that you watch the 10-day forecast, should high winds, the possibility of rain, or low temperatures are in the forecast, an event tent will be required to keep everyone warm, dry, and comfortable. Refunds will not be provided due to inclement weather.

Can you provide an event tent?

Yes! If you are planning an event during either the cooler months or inclement weather seasons, a heated outdoor event tent or covered and heated outdoor patio or loggia is required. Ask our concierge about referrals to event tent rental agencies in your area.

How much does a hibachi at home experience cost?

Pricing begins at just $89 per person for a delicious live prepared 4-item menu (choice of miso soup or salad, steamed rice, hibachi grilled organic vegetables, and choice of either chicken or tofu).

Additional courses and menu items, such as appetizers, palate cleansers, desserts, additional proteins, fried rice, and ultra-premium ingredients such as lobster, wild line-caught premium fish, grass-fed filet mignon, wagyu beef, scallops, heritage breed pork belly, etc are available at a nominal market rate additional charge. (Subject to supply chain availability, and must be ordered at least 14 days in advance.)

** Pricing does not include chef, server, or bartender labor charges, required serviceware, sales tax, mileage, fuel surcharges, or gratuities. Minimum booking terms are required. Click here for additional details. **
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teppanyaki chef with flames from the hibachi grill

Distinctively Different, Uniquely Special

Elevate your next dinner party to new heights as we work our magic to transform your backyard into the most sought-after intimate private Japanese steakhouse in town. But it doesn't end there! At your request, our dedicated event design team can go the extra mile to craft a themed, comfortable, and welcoming seating area that encircles the teppanyaki grill, ensuring you and your guests enjoy the ultimate front-row experience at your very own Chef's table. Prepare for an unforgettable at-home dining adventure where the artistry of hibachi cuisine unfolds right before your eyes, leaving you mesmerized and craving more.
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