Food & Cocktail Pairing Experience

AWG Private Chefs offers unparalleled food and cocktail pairing experiences that are sure to impress even the most discerning guests. Our team of experienced Certified Master Chefs and mixologists work closely together to create a seamless and unforgettable dining experience. We will curate a menu and cocktail list that perfectly complements each other, bringing out the flavors and enhancing your overall event experience.

We take pride in sourcing the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our dishes and cocktails. Using the best ingredients is essential for maximizing flavor quality. AWG Private Chefs is committed to providing a truly personalized and bespoke food and cocktail pairing experience.
Artisanal cockails created by AWG Private Chefs Mixologists

Hire A Chef For A Cocktail Party

Hosting a food and cocktail pairing party gives an elegant touch to your celebration with a beautiful presentation of bite-sized appetizers and finger foods, offering you & your guests the luxury of tasting delicious hot and cold gourmet Hors d’oeuvres, tapas, and appetizers from around the world. Catered cocktail parties are more intimate, allowing you to relax, and spend quality time with your guests without the stress of worrying about shopping, preparation, cooking, serving, or cleanup.

A Cocktail Pairing Experience is a Great Alternative to Dinner!

Hosting a food pairing cocktail party chef event with AWG Private Chefs is a great alternative to a traditional dinner party. Dinner parties require that all guests arrive at a specific time etc. With a cocktail pairing party, your guests may arrive at their leisure, and be able to still enjoy a variety of delicious appetizers that are geared as a formal meal replacement. 

You & your guests will enjoy the luxury of tasting smaller portions of different cuisine while pairing a handcrafted artisan cocktail or superb wine pairing that will enhance your culinary experience.
Assorted canapes prepared for a food and cocktail pairing experience
Food and cocktail pairing selections from AWG Private Chefs

Enjoy A Food & Cocktail Pairing Party Without The Huge Liquor Markup!

Did you know the average markup on alcoholic beverages can be upwards of 400-1000% over cost? Avoid the huge liquor markups from other caterers by choosing AWG Private Chefs. We serve only host provided liquor during all of our events. 

Our concierge team will provide you with a list and suggested quantities of liquor to have on hand for your food and cocktail pairing event. By using host provided liquor, you avoid having to pay the hidden fees that other caterers markup for their licensing and insurance premiums as well.

Casual, formal or something in between.

Simply share your vision and desired vibe for your event, and we will custom tailor the menu and service level to exactly that!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What styles of service are offered for food & cocktail pairings?

Butler Passed: A uniformed member of our staff circulates with a platter of Hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, or tapas and will serve them to guests on request.
Staff Served Buffet: A static buffet display is set up in a single location at your event for all guests to view and select appetizers that they may wish to enjoy. A uniformed team member from our staff will happily hand a guest any selection of their choosing.
Chef Action Stations: Multiple live-action preparation and cooking demonstration stations will be set up around your event to allow for guests to observe a chef preparing their small bites live, fresh, and to order.

What's included in a food & cocktail pairing experience?

  • Casual or Formal Cocktail Party Catering Menus
  • On-Site Cocktail Party Chefs 
  • Professional Waitstaff and Bartenders
  • Choice of Passed Hors d'oeuvres, Static Display Appetizers, or Chef Action Stations
  • Premium Quality China, Silverware & Glassware Rentals
  • Custom Designed Themed Decor, Lighting & Floral (optional)
  • One Day Host Liquor Liability Coverage (optional)

Can you make cocktails that I request?

We sure can! Simply provide us a list of your favorite cocktails and our staff will handle the rest.

Can you provide a bar, tables, etc.?

Yes. Simply let us know what style bar, tables, chairs or anything else you may need to make your event sparkle.

What do I need to have in my kitchen for a cocktail pairing experience?

Your chef and food & cocktail pairing service team will arrive to your home with all of the necessary special equipment needed.  We will require a working stove, oven, sink, and ample open fridge space. 
Luxury Cocktails

Sip... Savor... Delight!

Indulge in the art of gastronomic harmony with Food & Cocktail Pairing Experiences with AWG Private Chefs. Marvel as our expert mixologists and culinary maestros meticulously craft a symphony of flavors, seamlessly blending delectable appetizers with perfectly matched cocktails. 

Immerse yourself in the alchemy of taste, where the fusion of exquisite cuisine and handcrafted libations creates a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Discover the sheer pleasure of harmonizing flavors and unlock new dimensions of taste.
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