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Glassware Rentals

Elevate your event to new heights with our premium glassware rental services. At AWG Private Chefs, we understand the importance of creating a visually stunning and refined ambiance for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a corporate gala, dinner party, backyard casual event, our extensive selection of in stock exquisite glassware will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any table setting. From sparkling champagne flutes to sleek wine glasses and stylish cocktail glasses, we also offer a shatter proof lexan, perfect for pool parties, the look of glass without the shatter risk! Make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your guests with our exceptional glassware rentals.  Additional glassware offerings are available, ask our concierge team for details. 
Glassware Rentals

Wine Glasses

Choice of Signature Series, or our Premium quality Chef & Sommelier line.  Available in 12 oz. White Wine & 16 oz. Red Wine sizes.
champagne flute

Champagne Flutes

6 ounce stemmed champagne flutes.
Prosecco Glasses

Prosecco Tulip Glasses

9.4oz Prosecco Tulip Glasses. Can be used for prosecco, champagne, or sparkling wine. 
Stemless Wine or Water Glass

Stemless Wine / Water Glass

15 oz. Stemless wine or water glass
Double Rocks Glass

Double Rocks Glass

14oz Double Rocks / Old Fashioned glass can be used for water or soda as well bourbon, or a variety of mixed drinks. Heavy bottomed premium weight.
5oz Stemmed Martini Glass

Martini Glass

5oz Stemmed footed Martini glass can be used for cocktails, desserts, etc. 
Footed Cosmo Glass

Footed Cosmo Glass

8.5 oz Heavy bottomed premium weight footed Cosmo glass can be used for cocktails, desserts, etc.
2.5oz square shot glass

Square Shot Glasses

2.5 oz. square shot glass. Heavy bottomed premium weight. Can be used for shots, desserts, etc. 
2.5oz Mini flare footed dessert glass

Mini Footed Glass

2.5oz mini footed martini or dessert glass.

Shatterproof Premium Lexan Glassware

Double Rocks Glass

Lexan Double Rocks Glass

14oz Shatterproof Lexan double rocks glass. Perfect for outdoor pool parties, the look and feel of glass without the risk of breakage.
Stemless Wine or Water Glass

Lexan Stemless Glass

15oz Shatterproof Lexan stemless wine or water glass. Perfect for outdoor pool parties, the look and feel of glass without the risk of breakage.
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